How to invest if I don’t have a lot of money

How to invest if I don’t have a lot of money
How can I start making money? or how to invest if I don’t have a lot of money. I am going to tell you how to invest time to make money without investing a huge amount of meney.

You can start investing with absolutely no money. It’s not a scam! And it’s not going to be some theoretical. What I will be sharing with you today might be the most important thing in your life. Because it’s the best investment, you can make, if you don’t have a lot of money.

So let’s get started! It’s not a surprise that our life is getting more and more connected to the internet day by day. If you look around, people are constantly on their phones, everything they do is connected one way to another to the internet. Life is getting digital nowadays. The place where people go for shopping and entertainment are going down, because now we shop, connect or build businesses online. But that’s just the beginning. Life will become fully digital that we will look back and laugh at ourselves that we have been using these crappy smartphones instead of smart glasses or some kind of smart lenses that will let us live in a completely digital world. This type of future is not somewhere far away, but rather just around the corner. With the introduction of 5G where we will be able to download 20 GB/Sec, there will be no point of having a smartphone because with smart lenses we will be living in absolute virtual reality. Companies such as Google are already developing the technology to connect the AI to our brains. Where we will not need a voice assistant but we will be able to connect simply with our minds. It’s really difficult to predict this future, but 10 years ago, who would have thought that our entire life will be dependent on these devices that are called smartphones. Today we have self driving electrical cars, electrical planes and some of us are trying to put humans on Mars. And the entire business will be online. We will no longer have the middleman, the winners will be those who provide real value. But you know who is going to connect the businesses with the consumers, Social media, of course, it is already happening now, but that’s just the tip of an iceberg because what about to happen is that the entire business world will be connected to the consumers through social media Buying, selling, advertising, networking will be happening only in social media and TV will completely disappear. If 30 second add costs today in Television, few hundred thousand dollars, a 30 second add soon will cost much more on social media. You know what is going to happen, you will look back and say: If only I started a YouTube channel 5 years ago or 10 years ago, If only I started an Instagram page or a Facebook fan page. You do that today when you say: If only I discovered YouTube back when it was launched. I would have become a big Youtuber today. But now the competition is too strong, and you are right, but guess what going to happen in 5 to 10 years. The competition is going to get insane, and you will stand no chance. Starting a YouTube channel then will become as difficult as starting a TV network today. Also read: Top 4 books to read even if you hate reading

So how should you start-

Every one of you is interested in something. If you are a big fan of cars, start talking about your favorite cars, why do you prefer one car over the other, What makes this car better than other, Which car you should buy if you are on a tight budget and which ones you should avoid, Which cars did you drive and which ones you enjoyed the most. If you are a fan of basketball and you watch every match out there and all what you do with your friends is talk about basketball, just do the same thing on Internet, because there are lots of other people who are interested in the same thing. If you are an engineer, talk about how trucks or planes are built. If you are scientists, talk about what inspired to love science. I can give you endless examples but at the end of the day, it’s your choice, and for God’s sake, stop complaining and looking for excuses.

So what is the best investment you can make if you don’t have a lot of money? Invest your time on building a social media community, because in the coming future, it will payback greatly.

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