Top 4 books to read even if you hate reading

Top 4 books to read

How do I read a lot of books, how do I find the time to do that and it's pretty much about productive speed reading but here's the problem with that, without absolutely any information at all 80% of books that I've read are not useful. You don't really have to read them. They might add some value into your life if you read them but it's quite limited if you're not a big fan of books then there is absolutely no reason for you to read them because almost all of these books talk about the same thing. Sometimes it seems to me that they simply copied from each other. Sometimes I read an entire book and there is not a single new idea that I haven't come across before in similar books so it's literally a waste of time. I found Top 4 books to read which are pretty much good for everyone.

I'm going to save you that time and tell you what exactly you have to read, these the Top 4 books to read. I might not be the best-qualified person to talk about this but the past seven, eight or even more years I literally read hundreds of books about many things starting from how to make money from how to negotiate and a lot of other things and I think everything that I have read can be beautifully summarized into these four books. These books are not simply delivering information but rather they are giving you a practical guide on how to apply them in real life. You can apply the lessons right after reading the book.

If you don't read these books you will literally suffer a lot in your life. You will waste a lot of your time on things that you could easily avoid.

Top 4 books to read

Top 4 book to read

48 laws of power by Robert Greene

This is one of the books that had the pretty big impact on my life. I know that a lot of people view this book pretty negatively, some people even see this book as pure evil but this is the best book that's ever written on social intelligence. This book will teach you everything you need to know about how to deal with people, how to make them to like you, respect your work for you admire, you make people do what you want.

A lot of people might say that business books are not more important and as really is no because business is simple to get a product and sell and this book is going to teach you how to do that, how to persuade people, how to negotiate and every other thing that you need to know. So the lessons that are taught in this book aren't only about business but pretty much everything else that's about dealing with people

Buy- 48 law of power by Robert Green

Top 4 books to read

Rich Dad Poor Dad

There is a pretty strong reason behind it. It completely changed my understanding of money and wealth. I was always interesting that money like master fuel but it wasn't clear to me how to achieve that. It was pretty much more like a dream until I like my hands on this book because it helped me to think about the practical plan on how I actually can achieve that. This book isn't going to tell you about making money but it's more about changing your mindset, your understanding of money, job and business.

Rich Dad Poor Dad will change your views about money. You start seeing things differently and you will never want to get a job after that because you will find a way to become financially free. You can't simply go through the idea of this book. You have to leave them a couple of times maybe understand them properly because money is one of the most important things of our life. If you're serious about achieving financial freedom you must read this book. If you have to select one out of this list then this one is the best.\

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Top 4 books to read

Mastery by Robert Greene

This book is unique of its kind. If you confuse with your life, if you don't know what to do with your life then this is the book you have to read. It will teach you how to find your passion and how to master your passion at the end of the day. We have to master in something to achieve some level of success. What happens usually is that your passion for something you start doing that and you don't see any results and then you start losing motivation. This book is going to tell you why and how to avoid that.

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Top 4 books to read

 Shortness of life by Seneca

It's going to change your perspective about life completely. After reading this book we will start appreciating every single small little thing in your life such as the fact that you breathe. Did you even know that? You breathe is just a small thing that you don't pay attention but we simply cannot live without it.

Buy- Shortness of life by Seneca

When you read this book you will learn how to achieve the self-actualization, the self-awareness and you will value your time and your life much more and the second one is mindfulness for beginners. It's basically about stoicism and it's very short and practical book simply written and beautifully summarized.

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These are the top 4 books to read  but there are many other books that I wanted to include in this list such as the 50th law the seven Habits, the power of habit and many more but these four books are much more important and valuable than any other books you must read this book even if you hate reading. If you ask me personally Rich Dad Poor Dad is the best book I ever read.

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