Common smartphone mistakes, you should avoid

Common smartphone mistakes

Smartphones we all have them, we all know how to use them but from time to time we can all make some mistakes on them so in today's we're gonna over some common smartphone mistakes that you should avoid making.

Closing the app

Starting with this mistake, Number one in closing your apps most people closed the apps on their phone thinking that it'll help to increase speed by freeing up system resources and it'll save battery by preventing those apps from running in the background but the irony is generally speaking the opposite is true. Closing an app means that your phone's processor will have to reload that app the next time that you use it which not only slows things down because loading apps take time but it also drains your battery because loading apps use energy. So in most cases you'd be much better off just leaving your apps alone letting them run in the background and trust that your smartphones OS is smart enough to close them automatically when it's most efficient to do.

Smartphone charging

So common smartphone mistakes number two charging your phone. If you're the kind of person who gets a new smartphone every year or two then I wouldn't really worry about how you charge your smartphone but if you're somebody who's looking to maximize your battery life and how well it holds a charge in the long term then there are a few charging mistakes that you should avoid.

The first mistake is leaving your phone on charge all throughout the night sure while smartphones are smart enough to stop charging once they reach 100 % because just being on standby still uses up some battery. Your phone will eventually drop under a 100 % charge at which point the phone will start charging up again back to 100% and this cycle can repeat itself several times throughout the night generating excess heat which ultimately in the long term can reduce your battery capacity.

The other charging mistake that people make is letting your battery drain to low or charging. Generally, it's advised not to let your phone drop below 20% and not to charge it over 80% as when you get to either end of these extremes it puts more pressure on your battery and ultimately degrades it at a faster rate.

Same password for many accounts

Common smartphone mistakes number three using the same passwords may account be the biggest single mistake that people make when it comes to securing. The apps on your phones are using the same password across multiple accounts the reason why this is a mistake if even just one of those accounts gets hacked all of your other accounts that use that same username and password can get easily hacked. As well now obviously using a different password for like each and every one of your accounts is pretty much impossible to memorize.

Where using a password manager comes in this episode, the password manager that can not only remember all of your different passwords for you but also it does so securely with high-level encryption and multi-factor authentication. Using password manager you won't have to worry about looking for your passwords or getting locked out of your accounts as you can keep track of all of your passwords safely in one place and conveniently have those usernames and passwords filled in for you.

Social media apps to save photos

Moving on number four common smartphone mistakes, using social media apps to save photos. While there's nothing technically wrong with taking photos and videos using social media apps. The problem arises when you start using these apps to capture more and more of your life's important moments because unlike the photos and videos that the camera app and your phone takes social media apps heavily compress things in order to make them more efficient to send which is great for sharing but absolutely horrible for quality. The same photo was taken on a social app just pales in comparison to what your phone's camera app can produce. I'm not saying don't use social media apps to share some of your life's moments. I am saying that it's important to remember that you can always share a photo or a video that you took using your phone's camera app later on but you can never go back in time to get all that lost detail back from a photo that you took with a social app mistake.

Handing an unlocked phone to a stranger

Number five common smartphone mistakes, handing an unlocked phone to a stranger. Now you may be thinking like okay, who actually hands an unlocked phone to a stranger and up the answer is more people than you think when people are out in public and they're hanging out with like friends or family they often look for the first friendly face that they see and they ask them if they can take a photo of their group and more often than not when they hand their phone over it's unlocked.  So don't do that, you can't control whether or not a stranger runs away with your phone. If you lock your phone first and then launch the camera app from the lock screen at least if they do run away with your phone they won't be able to get into any of your stuff.

Not cleaning your phone

Common smartphone mistakes number six not cleaning your phone. So studies have found that the screens on our smartphones can have up to 10 times more germs on them than a toilet seat that's pretty gross right but before you go driving a bottle of glass cleaner be aware that cleaning products containing ammonia or alcohol can actually damage your screens, all your phobic coating the stuff that keeps your phone fingerprint resistant, so it's advised to regularly clean your phone with a moist microfiber cloth, which should at least wipe away most of the germs without scratching or damaging your screen.

Not downloading offline maps

Common smartphone mistakes number 7 not downloading offline maps one of the best features on a smartphone is the built-in navigation system but what a lot of people don't realize. If you end up making a wrong turn and find yourself in a cellular dead spots those turn-by-turn directions that you rely so heavily on will cease to work but if you were to download offline maps your navigation will still work without a problem as long as you can get a GPS signal which really only needs a clear view of the sky. Install a mapping app that supports offline maps and downloads maps for any area that you plan on traveling.

Leaving your phone on the table

Final common smartphone mistakes number 8 leaving your phone on the table so there are actually two reasons why you don't want to leave your phone in front of you on the table. The first is if you have a drink or your friend has a drink that drinks put spill and cause liquid damage to your phone if it isn't water resistant.

The second reason why you shouldn't leave your phone on the table is actually a little bit more interesting. In a recent study experimenters found that people who left their phones on the table, Lost their phone with respect to those who don’t leave their phone on the table. People, who put their phone anywhere, have a little bit more chance to lose their phone. Nowadays we are using smartphones and putting your smartphone anywhere is not a smart act for you.

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So those are mistakes that you should avoid making on your smartphone. If there's a mistake that you think should have in this list but didn't. Let me know about it in the comments.

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