Nokia 6.1 plus review, Nokia best android phone

nokia 6.1 plus

If you’re in the market for a brand new budget Android smartphone and you’re willing to spend anything between 10 to 15,000 rupees or maybe slightly more then it, just maybe the answer could be Nokia’s brand-new smartphone the 6.1 Plus.

Nokia 6.1 plus

Now so far the reigning champion of this space really is the indisputable Badshah of budget smartphones redmi note 5. It packs in great performance very good camera results and just an overall reliable number one smartphone maker offering. What this and Asus Zenfone max pro which is also in a similar bracket lack a serious style chops there’s no SAS there’s no sexiness there’s no glamour after spending fifteen sixteen thousand rupees and that is the biggest thing that’s available in Nakia 6.1 plus.

It is the most good-looking phone in a budget of 15999 than a phone that costs twice as much trust me on that take a look at any of your phones this is better-looking than your Samsung Galaxy, one plus 6 or any other J Series and a big reason for that is of course the front and rear glass.

Nokia 6.1 Plus Rating

nokia 6.1 plus
nokia 6.1 plus


There is it’s sandwich and a metal frame so it’s durable and the reflective glass surface makes it look super premium design. The 5.8-inch screen is sandwich in a beautiful form factor which is really convenient and ergonomic even to use just with one hand. This is a big screen because of the 19 to 9 aspect ratio. Thanks to the notch, yes it’s there. You love it or you hate it doesn’t matter there’s no escaping anymore.


It packs in Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 which gives great performance in terms of all your multitasking with the apps in gaming. Gaming is one department where it actually scores a little less in terms of performance with graphics intensive games like Pub-G or other such mindless violent games that you might like to play on the redmi note 5 Pro and the solution for max Pro m1 actually offer a better Pub-G gaming performance. This is an area where it lacks slightly.


In terms of other hardware for the camera is called 16 megapixels on the rear and 5-megapixel front facing camera all of which produce excellent quality results. This will produce the really pleasing pictures.



4gb RAM and 64 GB of storage and of course the option to expand the storage. A 3060 mah battery.

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  • Solid build quality
  • Decent camera
  • Stock Android without any bloatware


  • Average battery backup
  • The device heats up while gaming
  • Fingerprint scanner placement is not optimal

Greatest updates coming to the Android operating system because this is an Android one smartphone which means it’s a preferred partner of Google which means you get the quickest updates of the latest OS versions.

What are we talking about

The Nokia 6.1 plus has to be the phone that any of you budget Android phone. Buyers must consider it scores much above many points above the redmi note 5 pro in terms of design in terms of pure sexiness and glamour value, it’s got a gorgeous display, it’s got fantastic camera performance, good battery life and above everything stock Android no bloatware and the latest updates to Android operating system because this is an Android one partner with Google.

Now this could really be the phone that pushes Nokia in a different league in terms of sales because so far they’ve released a bunch of phones in the one year that Nokia phones have been around but we’ve not really seen a runway hit, of course they are very successful below 5,000 rupees in their smart feature phone space but when it comes to budget androids we’re bulk of the action, they’re not really had a hit.

I think that this phone could really be a whole new chapter in the Nokia brand new Android journey.

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