Xiaomi Poco f1 phone full review, is it worth buying?

Xiaomi Poco f1

Recently Xiaomi released the Poco f1 and collectively blew our minds with the value that it offers a Snapdragon 845 chipset a 4000 mah battery and more. Honestly this phone is really difficult to evaluate just because what it offers pushes it into a category way above its price so the question that I asked today is why buy a flagship when this phone exists and what corners have been cut by Xiaomi to get it to this price.

Poco F1

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Poco F1-Design

The Poco f1phone is well made and another quirk of the phone is a notification LED on the bottom bezel the f1 is a little too wide so it definitely to use with two hands that said it’s not slippery. It doesn’t have an IP rating. On the back there’s a lightning-fast fingerprint reader it has a raised edge around it so you can quickly find it but it’s a little too high up to be entirely comfortable thankfully there’s a face unlock option that’s as fast as the fingerprint reader and more secure than most Android phones.

why it uses IR as part of its authentication the infrared tag also guarantees that the phone’s face unlock will work in the dark. We’re going to compare flagship killers the One plus 6 is a much more elegant device on the poco f1.

Beat price- Flipkart- 20,999

Xiaomi Poco f1

Poco F1-Display

The bezels are a little too thick and if we’re going to talk about literal cut corners whatever happened to square edges on screens but let’s be real you’re not going to buy a phone just because it sparkles on your desk the nearly 6.2 inch IPS LCD panel has a 1080p resolution and a good pixel density well the display isn’t an AMOLED.

It had excellent contrast and colors were accurate and switched to standard contrast mode the notch is far from anybody’s favorite feature but it’s easy to hide. The automatic brightness doesn’t adapt to changing light conditions very well and I have to adjust it manually.

Poco F1-Power

Thanks to it’s 4,000 mah battery. The poko phone received a 94-hour endurance reading on her battery life tests. The device also supports quick charge 3.0 so running out of battery should not be a problem.

Poco F1-Sound

The f1 features stereo speakers and received an excellent rating and her loudness tests. Audio quality was pretty good too though trebles are muffled sound through headphones wasn’t quite as good and if you have high impedance headphones you might struggle to achieve high volume levels. Thanks for keeping the headphone jack and it allows for the inclusion of an FM radio on the device.

Poco F1-Processor

The f1 has a Snapdragon 845 and either 6 or 8 GB of ram. Performance is unsurprisingly the flagship level. The poco f1 also includes a minimum of 64 GB of storage and external card slot.

The Poco f1 phone features android Orio 8.1 with a special poco f1 version of MI. It should be updated to Android Pi within three months and Mui 10 before that Xiaomi has already released a few updates.

It has shortened UI animations that make the phone feel snappier and you can add icon packs without needing to install a new launcher. There’s a shelf on the left side that is reminiscent of one plus as launcher a few shortcuts on it are quite useful like the one for Google assistant.

Poco F1-Camera

Poco f1 phone packs a dual camera setup there’s a main 12-megapixel shooter with an F 1.9 aperture and a 5-megapixel secondary camera for better depth sensing for the price range photos are excellent in daylight they’re sharpened detailed with almost no noise and great contrast even more impressive are the accurate and lively colors.

The dynamic range is good enough that auto HDR rarely gets triggered and when it does you get a little extra detail in the shadows in daylight. Low-light shots aren’t quite as impressive normal photos are sharp as though noisy while those with Auto HDR are smooth to the point.

The poco f1 can only record 4k videos at 30 frames per second and sadly they lack stabilization despite that they were sharp had good contrast and had nice colors. Dynamic range was just as good as what we found in photos. On the other hand, full HD videos were super smooth but they didn’t have quite as much detail.

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There are competitors out there which have better screens but our cameras and FC and that look prettier however there is nothing that is a better value even the one plus 6. Its closest competitor is more than 50% more expensive and if we ignore price for a moment even though that’s really hard this phone covers all the basics of a good smartphone all those important pillars and it covers them well so if you’re in the market for a phone right now and you don’t have a lot of money it’s really hard to recommend anything else.

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