Male to Female Ratio across the world

You may not not be aware about how many Male and how many Female are in the world, I am sure after checking it you will get a ton of knowledge about Male to Female ratio.

Male to female ratio definition

Everyone knows the basic mean of male to female ratio but if we talk about the real mean and ask for data’s, very few people able to answer in right way. In very simple words number of female on 1000 male For example, if there are 950 female and 1000 males then the male to female ratio is 1.05 (1000:950).

Male to Female ratio is also known as human Sex ratio, the ratio of females to males, and the proportion of males or the proportion of females.

Ideally, it should be 1:1, but only a few countries prove it. If we talk about India there is not a single state to show 1:1. But nowadays the Indian government is taking an initiative to increase the number of female on the number of male and mission is going in the positive direction.


State wise Male to Female Ratio, India-

Male to Female Ratio

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Country wise Male in relation to each Female

Male to Female Ratio


Data source:- Wikipedia

The partnership of Female in Population

Male to Female Ratio

Why Male to female ratio is not 1:1?

If you ask this question to the individual no one answer because the most common reason behind it is the mindset of the people. Why I am talking like this because this is the reality.
I want to explain it with a simple example- A common proverb “Ham Do Hamare Do”. If 1st baby will girl, people plan for the 2nd child but if the 1st baby will Boy, very few families go for the 2nd baby. This is the reason for the same. This is not the only reason behind male to female ratio many more factor responsible for it.

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