Drinking in Teenage, Why teenager avoid it

Drinking in Teenage

Alcohol drinking in teenage is a common form of relaxation and enjoyment to many teenagers due to its easy availability and low cost. Many teenagers inherit this habit from their parents and older siblings. Researches indicate that most teenagers who come from families that indulge in alcoholism or a member of alcoholic, start drinking at a very tender age.

Drinking in Teenage comes along with many dangers including


Car and bike accidents are the leading cause of death among many teenagers. Thousands of teenagers driving under the influence of alcohol which visually impairs them leading to accidents that could have been avoided. Teenagers do not have a control over their drinking, not realize what they really need to stop drinking alcoholic beverages and most drink alcohol excessively. Alcohol also affects their reaction, judgment, multitasking and right decision making. This makes it very difficult for teenagers to drive but they ignore not minding the repercussions.

Drinking in Teenage

Unprotected Sex

Having drunk too much, most teenagers lose their morals and start engaging in sex and mostly unprotected sex. Young kids as young as 11 starts engaging in sexual activities once they start drinking. Alcohol introduces kids to many friends who form small groups that arrange parties and drinking sprees. This exposes them to the dangers of unprotected sex like STD’s, teenage pregnancy and other forms of drug abuse like marijuana, heroin and cocaine.


Drunk teenagers commit both minor and major crimes. Some of the minor crimes include brawling and fighting, public disturbance and self-harm or injury. Some form small gangs that start terrorizing the community. Many teenagers arrested for crimes like drug abuse, stealing, raping and kidnapping are always influenced by alcohol. Alcohol ’empowers’ them and they gain the extra courage to commit the crimes. It’s one of the most important factors why teenagers need to quit drinking alcohol.

Academic Performance

According to study, many teenagers who have adopted the drinking behavior get very low grades in school. Most come to school suffering from hangovers, others do not complete assignments, and many do not care at all. Their minds are always occupied with plans on how they will party and drink themselves out. They care less about their education as they find comfort in alcohol.

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Health Issues

Excessive consumption of alcohol has been proven to cause cirrhosis which is a liver disease that is characterized by the scarring of the liver. This is a very serious liver disease that can cause death. Exposure of alcohol to the brain may cause alcohol addiction or long-term intellectual effect on the brain. Consumption of alcohol also dehydrates the body.

Drinking in Teenage

Parents should talk to their kids and ask them to cease drinking once they notice signs indicating alcohol drinking behavior. Check Drinkaware for additional information about stop drinking. Drinking in Teenage is very common nowadays so the parent should take care of it.

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