Make a Skirt a Day

Pattern drafting is something I have delighted in playing around with since I was a teenager. Many, many months ago – right when we initially got to California – I was sent a survey of Nicole Smith’s awesome pattern drafting book, Skirt a Day.

I read through the book and chose to have a go at drafting a wrap skirt. I took measurements and cut out pattern pieces. At that point the pattern pieces sat on my room floor/sewing table (they should be on the table, however by one means or another they would float down to the floor each couple of days. Little hands helping maybe? At that point I took an old sheet and cut out all the pieces, which also sat on my sewing table for a considerable length of time. I would sew one seam, them it would be days before I would complete the following seam. However, finally, the skirt is done – and, miraculously, it never again makes Anna cry ….Hooray!!!


I am incapable of following a pattern – or even pattern drafting directions – flawlessly. I get a kick out of the chance to compromise, and that’s what I did here. In some cases I lament the corner cutting, however for this venture it worked fine. I serged the edges of all the pieces and then sewed them together – no fixing required. I also added a horizontal half pleat toward one side of the skirt, because I enjoyed the look better. My unsettles are less angled than those in the pattern, because it’s easier to not angle unsettles and it’s a small miracle to sew a skirt with unsettles at all when you have small youngsters “making a difference”. I also made the front panels somewhat more extensive to keep the skirt passing up small hands, yet I figure I might want it progressively in the event that I had added significantly more width to these front panels so that there was much more overlap. I want to make some way to “catch” the skirt in the event that it starts to blow open – any proposals? This makes a decent, cool skirt, ideal for the sweltering weather we are already finding in California!

I really preferred this book, and unquestionably prescribe it in the event that you want to try pattern drafting out. The systems are truly basic, and you could show signs of improvement fit by following a more detail-situated tutorial, however the effortlessness of these patterns and plans makes the book approachable regardless of whether you have never attempted pattern drafting, and you will leave the book understanding significantly more about how skirts are composed and made.

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